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How to Measure for Vertical Blinds

Things to Remember:
Use a steel tape for accuracy.
Measure Width and write it down, then Length and write it down.
Double check all measurements.

Inside Mount
Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle, and bottom. Measure the height
inside the window opening at the left, right, and center. Order the narrowest width measurement
and the shortest height measurement.
Take all inside mount measurements to the nearest 1/8".
Allowance for clearance will be made automatically at the factory.

Outside Mount
First, measure exact width and height of area to be covered. For best appearance, we recommend adding
3" to 4 to each side of window or door, to avoid light gaps. To find the height, measure from the top
of the window casing to the floor. Add 2 to the overall height. Remember to take into account that the
blinds will be installed a minimum of off the floor.

Verticals will be fabricated for outside mounting to your exact specifications. Be precise.